Our Logo

The 83rd Street logo

A lot of people ask, “What does it all mean?”   Here’s your answer:

Laboris Praeter Terminus

The Latin comes from my Catholic upbringing.  Translated it means, “Labor past the end.” 

In the Army, we received promotion points for several things.  One of those things was the score on our physical fitness exam.  In basic training, I had a drill sergeant that would yell “Run through the finish!”  You see, people would slow down for the last 10 steps or so of a 2-mile run and those 1-2 seconds could mean the difference between getting promoted or not.  I wanted that to be a cornerstone concept in our company.  We work hard and don’t stop or slow down just because the finish line is in sight.

The Shield and Banner

I came from a very blue-collar part of Chicago.  Many of the people who taught me how to be an upstanding citizen, father, and Christian were union men.  I chose the union style logo in contrast to the big banks of Wall Street.

The letters on the banner

               They are all Greek letters and/or math symbols.  The Greek letters are used in option trading which our firm uses as part of the “Run through the finish” concept.  Their order on the banner is random except for 4.

  • The Alpha is first and the Omega is last.   That comes from a bible passage.  “I am the Alpha and the Omega, the First and Last, the Beginning and the End.”  I added that as a reminder to myself that the mission I have in life is service, not profit.    
  • The Delta (triangle) and the Chi (X) are together.  I was in the Delta Chi fraternity in college. 

The 83

I grew up at 83rd and Washtenaw, in a tough south side neighborhood called Ashburn.  People there worked primarily in unions and they supported each other selflessly like nothing I’ve ever experienced before.  They told you what they thought, which hurt sometimes, but also meant folks were honest with each other.  For my first 14 years on Wall Street I experienced the opposite.  When I started my own firm in 2014, I wanted the 83rd Street spirit of truth, hard work, community, and support to be the foundation of our firm