Why You Should Want to Work With Us

Our team employs a variety of strategies to help you meet your goals.

To begin, we start with a thorough and confidential evaluation of your financial situation.  Next, we compare the results of your plan versus your current investment allocation.  Finally, we try and peg an income goal that would allow you to live off of your investments indefinitely, instead of selling investments to live. This creates a much more sustainable investment model for our clients.

After establishing your individual income goal, we are then able to recommend a strategy that meets the goal with as little risk as we think possible. In the event we outperform your goals, we use that as an opportunity to de-risk your assets (or to tell you to go on vacation!).

If you are concerned about having enough to retire, but don’t want excessive risk or long lock-ups on your investments, if you believe that individual investors deserve someone they can trust managing their investments, or if you understand that active management provides additional benefits, but you don’t know how to do it, or you want to learn, we are the advisors for you!

Please call to schedule an appointment or inquire about one of our free seminars.